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"Al's mom (Kristin Carbone) delivers the most dynamic portrayal I've ever seen of a wife enduring life as a placeholder, especially in the searing "Days and Days."

     - Creative Pinellas Daisy/Melinda in On a Clear Day You Can See Forever

"Kristin Carbone, who is in her TheatreZone debut, creates a Daisy/Melinda character who vacillates between hummingbird and deep soul, and convinces you through the musical that those two traits are beginning to fuse.  She's sweet-voiced and strong throughout."

     - Naples News

... as Marian in The Music Man

WINNER: Best Leading Actress in a Musical - Syracuse Area Live Theatre (SALT) Awards

"As Marian Paroo, the librarian-piano teacher, Kristin Carbone is splendid.  Her very focused and well-trained voice is a pleasure,

 and her depiction is rich and involving."

     - Syracuse Post Standard

"Carbone is a powerhouse soprano who compels your admiration."

     - Syracuse New Times

"Kristin Carbone is wonderful as Marian, turning in a graceful and poised performance and providing a gorgeous voice."

     - The Auburn Citizen

... as Lilli/Kate in Kiss Me Kate

"Actors David Girolmo and Kristin Carbone move seamlessly from verbal to physical agility and Carbone gets to demonstrate her

 powerful voice in several musical numbers, especially the title song and I Hate Men."

     - The Marshall Democrat

"...Miss Carbone shines..."

     - The Sedalia Democrat

... as Lucille Ballard in Meet Me in St. Louis

"...and watch out for Kristin Carbone, and ensemble member who doubles in the role of Lucille Ballard; her instinctive stage

 magnetism is not to be bought at any price."

     - Westchester Travel Host

... as Luisa in The Fantasticks

"Kristin Carbone is terrific as the naive, affected Luisa..."

     - The Deseret News

"Thomas Scott Parker and Kristin Carbone, as the young lovers, have the perfect air of innocence and beauty, with complimentary 

 lyrical voices..."

     - The Cedar City Spectrum

... as Christine Daae in Phantom

Nominated for Best Actress in a Musical - Philadelphia Barrymore Awards

"Season's notable performances... Actress, Leading Role, Musical: Kristin Carbone, Phantom, Walnut St. Theatre"

     - Philadelphia Inquirer

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