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Broadway Studio at FishHawk Ranch

   Let me teach you to sing easily and effortlessly!

I teach a comprehensive approach to singing and performance.  We will work on your breath, your support and resonance, and healthy bel canto technique.  From there, we will build onto that strong foundation with an understanding of how to sing within various musical theatre styles, including Legit, Mix, and Belt, HEALTHILY.


      You CAN learn to trust your voice!  Let me show you how!

-- All levels welcome – beginners to advanced.

-- Healthy singing is EASY singing! Never pushed or forced.

-- Learn to eliminate ‘breaks’ and make your voice even and resonant 
   throughout your entire range.

-- Learn how to sing in all styles – Legit, Mix, and Belt!

-- FishHawk Ranch and downtown Tampa locations available.



Voice Lessons with Kristin

What Kristin's Students are Saying!

“Kristin was my voice teacher for 6 years - from age 12 to 18.  She helped me with every single audition I did in that time and I can confidently say that, without her help, I would not have been cast in half of the roles I played.  Not only did she coach me on my vocals, but she really became an audition coach too.  Beyond the vocal and audition coaching, Kristin is the sweetest person.  You couldn’t ask for a kinder person to have your back in this business. She was always supportive and invested in everything going on in my life, even though she was doing 8 shows a week.  I truly don’t know where I would be without her.” - Mia F.


“Kristin Carbone is a wonderful and truly talented voice teacher.  Whatever your level, age or experience, her diligence, creativity and deep knowledge base will bring your singing to new heights.  Her instruction has personally benefitted me greatly.” - Erica L.


“Kristin helped my daughter prepare for high school auditions for musical theatre.  She analyzed how my daughter was singing - straining to sing instead of singing from her diaphragm.  She worked on my daughter’s breathing and projection. As a result, she got call-backs!”  - Sheila M-T.

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